Worldpay Merchant Processing Agreement

The money from your credit card transaction will be deposited into the account associated with your merchant account bank. If you have an existing merchant account or want to use the bank of your choice, WorldPay can be integrated with most Internet-connected merchant accounts that use one of our compatible authorization networks. If you have an Internet-enabled merchant account, your WorldPay account can be activated in one to three business days. The real time it takes to start processing transactions from your website depends on the onboarding method you choose and the technical expertise of your employees. WorldPay allows you to use your merchant account and process secure credit card transactions over the Internet. WorldPay becomes your “card erase machine” on the Internet, allowing you to accept credit card orders 7 days a week, 24 hours a day without human intervention and with a complete back-office environment to run your business. Why do I need WorldPay if I have a merchant account? What is the difference between my investment bank, an authorization network and WorldPay? Once the 60 days have elapsed, it may take up to 4 business days before the return is received by WorldPay. The merchant will be notified of the return the same day WorldPay receives it. If the bank has difficulty identifying the return, it can expect a few weeks for WorldPay to receive it and inform the merchant. No. A merchant account is created separately through an investment bank.

WorldPay has partnered with Merchant Banks, which can offer merchant accounts connected to the Internet. Contact WorldPay Customer Service for assistance in applying for a merchant account through a WorldPay partner. No. WorldPay is a transaction processing company. With WorldPay Online Commerce Suite, an Internet merchant can process both credit card and electronic check (ACH) transactions. The Address Verification System (AVS) compares the known address information stored in the AHV database of cardholders of issuing banks with the billing address information provided by the consumer/merchant. Go to A merchant account is not required to process electronic checks. .