Waldorf Agreement

Changes to the agreement: If you allow the school to change the amount owed during the duration of the TADS agreement, the total amount owed and the staggered payments change to reflect the adjusted fees. The school can provide you with a copy of all the changes, but you are required to continue payments until the amount and fees due are paid in full without TADS or the school having reported them. Inconsistencies in request information are resolved in invoices sent by TADS. Changes to the information are taken into account when they are available for communication. Termination: If you and the school decide to terminate your mutual agreement, TADS will process any changes if it is filed at least 10 days before the expected payment date. Agreement with TADS: The responsible party agrees to be bound by the terms of the TADS agreement until the amount owed to the Ithaca Waldorf School (school) and THE TADS is fully paid. Funds raised by TADS as an agent for the school are transferred to the school. All refunds are covered by the school. All transactions with the funds must comply with the provisions of U.S.

and Minnesota law. The Trade Council negotiated for several months this spring with Hilton Worldwide, which operates waldorf, and the Blackstone Group, which owns 46 percent of the hotel chain. (Hilton will continue to operate the Waldorf in a 100-year contract he signed with the new owner.) While negotiations took place, a union-backed bill was drafted by the city council, which would have imposed a moratorium on hotel-to-property developments such as the one the Waldorf is planning. TADS Payment Terms: I authorize TADS to initiate payments from the account on my account or the card in my account, in order to respect the amount due to the school or tads for the fees. This authorization will continue after re-enrollment in the school for the following years, in accordance with the terms and conditions of TADS in force at the time. Tads will complete credit card and/or ACH payments from the account or card on the list (or from an account or card provided later) on the agreed dates (or the next business day, if the agreed day is a weekend or holiday). TADS initiates transactions on the due date and the ACH transaction one bank day before the due date. For each item returned, a fee is charged to the account for a returned item. Changes to the credit card and/or ACH payment must be notified and agreed by TADS two days before the due date. This agreement should not be construed as a lender-borrower agreement between the parties. P. I/We understand that in the event of an effect of COVID-19 (including prolonged illness or loss of employment relationship), the registration contract may be amended or terminated by mutual agreement between our family and the principal of the school administration.

Requests to amend the contract and/or terminate must be submitted in writing, within at least 30 days, with supporting documentation of loss of work or prolonged illness. For contracts terminated in writing until July 15, 2021, payments are refunded. The cancellation and cancellation amendments submitted during the 2021-22 school year are reviewed by the first of each month and include a 10% processing fee. E. I/We agree that the school reserves the right to refuse admission to education if any student whose financial account is considered an offender is not paid in accordance with this agreement. If a family`s account is more than 60 days late, the student may be suspended until satisfactory arrangements are made to update the account. C. I/We understand that the school`s overhead costs do not decrease with the departure of students during the year.