Scout Sponsorship Agreement

· Check your sponsorship agreement that describes the legal relationship between the Church and the BSA. When a church agrees to sponsor a force, the Church assumes responsibility and responsibility that goes beyond simply providing a place for the troops. They must be aware of the responsibility imposed by the Church`s agreement, including the responsibility it assumes in scouting activities, and the actions of the Scout Guide and volunteers. It is best to review the agreement with your church`s lawyer. Many local churches sponsor a troop of Scouts – and these sponsorships involve more than just the possibility of leaving the group in a church building. It is important to understand the responsibility of your Church, so that she and her children are adequately protected within the troop. · Treat Scouts as other youth activities with volunteers. Although the church does not manage the scouting program, it must verify that the BSA has conducted in-depth examinations with all Scout Guides and that training and monitoring procedures are followed. The church should keep a record of when and how it checked these objects with the BSA. First, churches that sponsor a force must be aware that they could be named in a complaint against the BSA. Lawyers representing a party who sues an abuse of a Scout leader can list the Church`s complaint and seek damages from the Church. In such remedies, the applicant may argue that the Church has responsibilities that it has not fulfilled under the Charter sponsorship agreement. This information should not prevent churches from serving young people through a Scout troop (or a Scout troop or another youth group).

But like all activities for children and adolescents, there must be awareness and protective measures to protect vulnerable groups and individuals. Tracking programs offer wonderful experiences for participants. They can also attract people who exploit children and adolescents if they recognize that there are no adequate security measures in place. Churches must have a policy of safe holiness and Church leaders must hold Scout guides and volunteers to account for their respect for policy. The BSA stated that it would not use the language of the charter contract to impose responsibility on the organizing church. However, lawyers representing the complainant will likely use language to argue that the Church is responsible. There are also free resources, such as the General Board of Disciple website. In addition, you can talk to your insurance agent and visit the websites of insurance companies such as Church Mutual, Guide One and Brotherhood Mutual for additional resources.