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In this case, the exhibitor is entitled to a refund/renouncement of the rental costs. (3) If the organiser is forced, in case of force majeure, to cancel or shorten an event already in progress, the exhibitor is not entitled to a refund/exemption from the rental costs. Benefits of teaching abroad at a partner university include waiving tuition fees, often a guaranteed place in a residential school and, as a general rule, recognition of grades obtained in the host institution. A waiver or refund of this amount is not allowed – z.B if the applicant withdraws his application. Egencia`s non-application of a provision of these terms and conditions of sale does not constitute a waiver of that provision or any other provision. In these particular cases, recognition of previous study credits is granted as a waiver, i.e. your performance statement gives only the total number of transfer credits, not the different courses and grades. In the case of a quick or successful graduation degree, you can use different relinquishment programs; the refund is limited to a maximum of 10,000 euros. A recommendation on registration, including the abandonment of administrative fees Prior to applying for recognition of previous appropriations, i.e. the abandonment of additional EET requirements, please consider the following: you have the right to apply for leniency, mitigation or waiver of tuition fees because of the circumstances in the unjustified difficult cases of section 6 of the Bremen Study Account Act.B due to the effect of a disability or serious illness.

Eligibility fee CHF 150.00 An invoice is made upon receipt of the application, payment is a precondition for admission to the aptitude exam. A recommendation on registration, including issuing the contribution to the official administrative costs of the federal Department of Education and Research: www.bafoeg.bmbf.de Admission registrations are mandatory. The rebate or refund, for example in the event of withdrawal of the application or non-participation in the procedure, are in principle excluded. They can apply for a royalty exemption because there are exemptions. 5 of the Bremischen accounts law over studies, z.B. because of a leave at another university or child care , these exceptions are usually defined in the respective master`s program codes. . Before applying for a discount or imputation, please note the following: In principle, you are expected to complete your master`s degree at the ETH Zurich.