Subrecipient Agreement Template

Contains the transfer manual as an appendix. Now contains instructions on foreign sub-recipients. Clinical testing. Recommended use: THE NIH funded clinical studies on sub-receivers who received a fixed rate (by thematic plan). Example of subcontracting. Recommended use: outsourcing under a federal contract (or with a revision, a non-federal agreement). Documenting the significant changes from 2017/8 to 2019 Subaward models. FDP Subaward Templates. Recommended use: national educational or non-profit institutions under state-subsidized grants or cooperation agreements. The FDP-Subaward models mentioned below should accelerate and streamline the revision of the federal sub-note among FDP member institutions. But even non-FDP members can use the models. The models are considered an ongoing FDP event. Working groups monitor the developments of the Confederation and provide the necessary updates (for more information, visit our committee page).

The models are not intended for treatment. However, please note that the FDP does not take any guarantees as to the adequacy of these models for the use of federally or non-federally funded projects. The Passe-Through entity (PTE) is responsible for ensuring that all necessary terms and conditions are paid to a sub-receiver. All users use these models at their own risk. The latest version of the research conditions (CRT), which apply to research awards from several federal promotion agencies, was approved in 2017. The TCRs are integrated into the FDP-Subaward models and are also hosted here by the NSF for all federal participation agencies: All models, models, tools and resources are verified by the efforts of different working groups and updated if necessary. The revised versions will be published on this page in September, or if necessary to correct changes in federal requirements. Please check the latest versions here before using the models. For more information, please see the guides and FAQs below.

If you cannot find the relevant information, please contact the co-chair of the subcommittee under the Recording training for the use of models and important updates. Field names, locations and uses for all data fields in different sub-prime models. Optional for sub-receivers without billing models. Can be modified if necessary. eRA: Please contact Amanda Humphrey: if you have any problems loading these models into your systems. Please use the form and instructions to request a change in the content of the FDP subcommittee. This form will help the co-chairs work on the issues raised and determine how to submit them to FDP members. If you notice any typos in the sub-price model, please email the co-chair: This 2019 version updates several important rules, as described in the Crosswalk and detailed and important changes documents that are both found in the accompanying documents section on this page.

Is used to perform and document thin assessments of relationships with potential employees. . Bilateral subaward amending templates with pre-defined options and text Fixed-Rate Clinical Research Subaward Sample – NIH (PDF) FDP members are not required to use or accept Appendix 7 in their subawards. Documents the major changes in 2015 to the current provisional fixed-rate clinical research sample.