Sponsorship Agreement Undertaking

To become a sponsor, you must promise to take care of the people sponsored by you for a while. We call it a promise of commitment. A power of attorney is a legal document in which a person delegates to another person the power and power to act on his or her behalf in general or on certain issues. As such, there is no legal barrier for a person duly named in the proxy to sign a sponsorship application on behalf of a competent or unable client, provided the power gives him the power to do so. The duration of the business is somewhat different for the quebécos. The duration of the business changed on October 24, 2017 to comply with the new age limit for dependent children. It went from “under 19” to “under 22.” The duration of the commitment for applications in 2014 is 10 years. As part of the agreement, sponsors are committed to meeting the basic needs of sponsored applicants and accompanying family members for the duration of the business. These include requirements such as food, housing, clothing, goods or services, as well as health care and dental care that are not yet covered. The Mississauga Case Processing Centre (CPC-M) should contact the sponsor to determine if the sponsor continues to meet financial needs. If she finds that this is the case, she will add the new family member or related to the business and the agreement. The sponsorship contract is for a written contract in which sponsors and candidates commit each other. As a general rule, the sponsor will file a completed and signed sponsorship contract (photocopy or faxed copy) with the sponsorship application.

It is interesting to note that the agreement should not be agreed in the application kit as long as it is clear that: situations requiring the admission of new family or family members into the application could arise. In this scenario, visa offices must add these individuals to the copy of the applicant`s agreement. Subsequently, Visa offices are required to submit this information to the Case Processing Centre in Mississauga (CPC-M). A sponsorship application that does not contain a signed agreement is not complete. It should be noted that sponsors and co-signers and candidates remain bound by their obligations after the signing of the contract. As a result, they can revoke the agreement only if they withdraw the entire business before visas are issued (for applicants abroad) or before permanent resident status is granted (for applicants in Canada).