Cipp Collective Agreement 2020

The Civic Institute of Professional Personnel (CIPP) is a union that represents professional employees of the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Community Housing Corporation, whose members are professionals who work for the people of Ottawa. Through collective bargaining, representation and representation of interests, the ICPP works for its members so that they can focus on the work for which they are passionate. CIPP engages with its members, its community and quality public services and is led by a board of directors elected by and out of membership. The ICPP is currently looking for an individual and principled leader, who replaces its outgoing and highly respected incumbent, as flexible agreements can be implemented at any time and there may be many flexible agreements between workers and employers. While flexible agreements may apply for any length of time, the claimed period must be at least seven consecutive calendar days. All fixed-wage workers who worked on or after March 20, 2020 used the last pay period before October 30, 2020 as a basis for calculation. All pay-per-cent or variable-hours employees who worked after March 20, 2020 have as a basis for calculation the average for fiscal year 2020-21. For all workers eligible for the original CJRS, the existing calculation of 80% of regular wages and hours applies, even in scenarios where no rights have been opened to these workers in accordance with the CJRS until 31 October 2020. The flexible Furlough or Furlough agreements concluded after the fact on November 1, 2020 apply for the purposes of the CJRS claims, provided they are concluded in accordance with the above terms.

Only retroactive agreements implemented until November 13, 2020 may be invoked for the purposes of a CJRS application. Our labour relations staff help our members manage a wide range of work issues. From issues related to your collective agreement to human rights, health and safety at work, we are here to help. The terms of an agreement must reflect exactly the hours a worker actually worked or did not work during the term of the contract. The agreement must also allow the employer to meet the cjRS requirements so that it can claim unworked hours. “Sam has been employed at A Ltd since April 2020.